Flowers in Fall

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I have to admit I am a big fan of fringes. I love fringes in boots, shirts, purses and everywhere in between. I can wear boots all year long. I decided to pair these boots with my Sneak Peak shorts, my vintage scarf and a white top. The animal print adds a funky look to any outfit. Fall is about accessories, accessories, accessories. The boots are from Macy’s by Sam Edelman. They are very comfortable, and this last weekend I wore them for NYC. I walked miles in these boots without getting tired. The shirt is from “My Best Friend’s Closet”. This scarf I found it at a bargain price from a store in South Miami (unfortunately it no longer exists).

If you are looking for the perfect pair of boots, I really recommend Macy’s for its affordable prices. The shorts I also bought them at “My Best Friend’s Closet”. This is a perfect look for the weekend. I like to keep it simple with minimal accessories. Is all about light colors during Fall. Since Miami’s weather is still in the 80’s, we have to play it safe with shorts and light fabric. I hope to give a little inspiration through this outfit.

Have a great week!


Photo Credits: MR Photography. Instagram: @mnlrmr


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