A 2015 to Remember

canon 220Happy New Year Loves!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve. The party I attended was so amazing and I danced until my feet could not resist anymore. LOL. I am so excited for this year and everything it has to offer. Last year, was one of my best years and this year is no exception. With the start of a new year, it comes new resolutions. Whether is starting a new diet plan or gym regimen, there are several tips I want to share with you to keep your new year’s resolutions all 365 days.

canon 223The best way to start a new year is to have a positive outlook in life. You can only reach positive things with a positive attitude. So, I have come up with my personal tips on how to start with a clean state and keep New Year’s resolutions. canon 221

1. Make a Plan: Is important to write down your dreams in a journal, in the fridge, wherever, but write down your goals. Recently, I bought a new journal from Kate Spade and I take it wherever I go. Second, break down your goal into mini and tiny steps. If you have a goal to lose 20 lbs, the realistic way will be to elaborate a plan for each week that helps you to attain the goal. Successful people always have a plan A and plan B. Even if you work towards your goal for ten minutes a day, it will help you get where you want.

2. Visualize: I am a visual person, and I need to have images of what I enjoy in life around my house. Put pictures around your home of places you want to go, people you want to meet and clothes you would like to wear. When you are surrounded by positive images, your mind starts accepting it as a reality. I have postcards of different countries around the world to remind me of places I want to visit. Envision the life you want and your mind will start working towards it. Is important to keep visual reminders of your goals nearby places you can see them such as your phone.

3. Evaluate priorities: Sometimes we tend to lose track of our goals by focusing on less important things. Is always good every three months or two to evaluate your goals and priorities. Ask yourself, am I fulfilling my goals? am I happy where I am now? You have the power to change your destiny. Always evaluate your progress and what are you doing to make things happen.

4. Don’t Be So serious: Life is about the journey. Enjoy it, take pictures along the way and laugh at mistakes. Challenges and obstacles are part of life. Instead of taking failures too seriously, learn from them.

5. Clean Your Space: In order to keep moving forward in life, you need to declutter your environment. We tend to keep old clothes and mementos we no longer need. An organized home leads to success. Throw away anything you no longer need. We cannot live a bright future by holding on to the past. Make it a weekend project by starting with the closet.

6. Learn Something New: Keep your resolutions interesting by joining a fun class like yoga or practice a hobby you’ve always wanted to. Keeping ourselves busy help us find meaning in our everyday busy life. When you do something you enjoy, you feel more energized to reach your goals.

Hope you have enjoyed this post and have a fabulous 2015!

With love,canon 034





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