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Happy Presidents Day! I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day and shared lots of love. Thankfully, I do not work my full time job today and was able to prepare this post. I am so excited to be sharing spring looks in the near future. In South Florida, we have started to see a shift in colors and styles. Even though we experience a cold front once in a while, we get to enjoy great weather during the week allowing Miamians to wear light materials. I already began to transition into spring. Long dresses will be one of my favorite styles to wear during this upcoming season. A dress portrays elegance while it offers comfort at the same time. Again, I bring you another style by “Bloom Boutique”. This store offers an array of colorful dresses and quality local designers such as “Lori Lester”. I love the simplicity of this dress that I decided to match it with my Dolce Vita shoes.

When in doubt, wear a maxi dress. This style is very easy to get away with if you’re going to a meeting, brunching, baby shower, or even to a funeral. Ok, maybe not that.  However, a black and white dress is essential to have in your closet because you can use it for different occasions. Until the next post!




Photography by Danielle Margherite

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