I am Blue


A new week brings new challenges. Lately, I’ve been feeling blue not only on Mondays but even during weekends. This month has been one of the hardest, and personally I dislike the month of March (I just don’t know why). Today, I want to share a set of strategies I have developed to overcome the negative feelings that sometimes Mondays make you feel.

Usually when I feel the feelings of sadness I like to grab a cup of coffee or tea. My favorite is Kona coffee at Pasion del Cielo. It just reminds me of that sweet smell in the morning from Honolulu, HI. Personally this has work for me, as coffee and tea gives me energy by the end of the day. Another thing I enjoy doing when I feel down is taking a stroll around my favorite neighborhood.  South Miami and Coral Gables are my favorite spots in the city. These locations have little shops and interesting boutiques to window shop. When I walk, I get to clear my mind from worries and deadlines. If these things do not help lift up your spirit, I always reach for a last strategy; and that is shopping. Every time I buy something, even if it is a small thing such as a book, makes me feel better instantly. Also, reading my bible and watching a funny movie are always good resources to restore happiness.

Hope you have a great week ahead and a positive one!


Pants and Top – Bloom Boutique (Lori Lester Designs)

Bracelet – Stella and Dot (Bloom Boutique)

Purse – Ohm Boutique

Photography by Danielle Margherite 



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