Festival Vibes

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Dress: Free People  Hat: Free People (similar)  Boots: Sam Edelman   Earrings: Rocksbox 

It’s Friday! Yes, I am excited about this weekend, not because is Ultra weekend but because finally I have no plans. For the first time in months I have a weekend all for myself. No places to go, no plans made. Just all the time for me, myself and I. When was the last weekend you had no errands to complete? I always fall into the habit of overwhelming my agenda with to-do lists and errands. But, this weekend I am going to relax completely. I will take every minute and hour at a time. Just time to breathe fresh air, walk around the neighborhood or visit a place I’ve always wanted to go. Alone plans sometimes are the best plans. I’ve learned so much of myself by being alone than being around people. When you are alone you get to enjoy more things, and do not have to take opinions from others. This weekend I encourage you to spend time with your inner child. Just go out, meet new friends and embrace your freedom.

For this look, I wanted to show you what I would wear if I would ever go to Coachella Festival. I hope one day I can go, and enjoy the California Valleys. The dress is from Free People, and is the most comfortable material for humid and even dry weathers. The cotton is super soft and it allows flexibility throughout the day. I decided to wear boots, since I like having my feet covered whenever I am strolling around the streets or in a place with dirt. However, you can also wear this dress with flats. A simple black hat completes the outfit but don’t be afraid to be a little different. You can add a shiny headpiece or a flower crown, and Voila!

Lately, I’ve been inspired in bohemian looks and earthy accessories. This weekend is all about going out and spending time with nature.

I hope you enjoyed this look!




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