Tulle Skirts and Cowboy Boots – An Easter Tradition


Good Morning my loves! I hope everyone is having a great week. For this post I wanted to share a look to wear on an easy Sunday morning. I love girly outfits with a dash of country feeling. Even though I was raised as a city girl, I feel a strong connection to the farm life and nature. I used to go every other weekend back in my country, Dominican Republic, to the farm and spend time with the family. It was fun to run around the mountains and eat home-made food. I have decided to collaborate for this post with my fellow blogger and friend Estephanie from missestephanie820.blogspot.com. It was really nice to collaborate with her since she provided me the ideas for the skirts. She is also Dominican like me and her style is very girly and unique. She really knows how to find the best deals on a budget.
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For this post, we are wearing tulle skirts from the Lauren Conrad Disney collection. I was so excited to discover that Lauren Conrad released a collection based on the movie Cinderella. Once I head to Kohl’s to see the collection I fell in love with this green, pink and blue shade one. The color theme is “Dream”. When I see this skirt, all I can think of is nature, the sea and spring season. Estephanie’s tulle skirt is also from the LC collection in a blush tone.



Easter morning has a special meaning for me as I have been celebrating it as a family tradition. Usually, I go to church on Saturday night or Sunday morning to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. As a catholic, is a tradition to celebrate with neighbors, friends and family the resurrection of Jesus Christ and gather together at a table and feast yummy food. As I get older, Easter has turn a different meaning for me. I see Easter as a time of renewal and rebirth. A new season to start anew and be a better person. Easter is also a time to begging a new chapter in your life whether is stopping that bad habit of eating unhealthy and eating healthier things. As you can see through the pictures, Estephanie and I are holding a basket of eggs which represent rebirth or the beginning of something new. We decided to head precisely on a Sunday morning to “Robert is Here” at Redland, Florida.


Of course, we decided to keep it healthy and got ourselves some fruity milkshakes.

easter 3

I decided to match my look with my favorite cowboy boots from Dolce Vita. I have purchased this boots a while back for a country dance club and since then I have used it for all the seasons. Since, this boots are old edition here are similar ones and what I am currently loving. Who said that cowboy boots were meant for jeans and tiny skirts only? I thought this look was so cute, and at the same time comfortable. If you do not feel adventurous and comfortable enough to match a tulle skirt with cowboy boots, you can always opt for sandals like Estephanie did. I like the idea of feeling girly but at the same time adding my own style.

easter 4

ester 5The blouse I am wearing is also from the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s (similar here). You can also match this skirt with a light blue or pink shirt. To add a little bit of sparkle, I completed the look with my Gorjana heart shaped necklace (similar here).


My friend Estephanie also chose her outfit from Kohl’s. She is wearing a mid sized skirt and strappy sandals (similar here).

easter 2

Once we arrived to the Farmer’s Market at Redland we were excited to discover the variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers they have in this secret location. Every time I arrive to a fruit stand I always head at the bananas stand first; my favorite fruit.

image1 (3)

Since it was so early in the morning, we decided to have breakfast while shooting the outfits. Estephanie got a strawberry milkshake and I chose the strawberry-key lime flavor milkshake. I really recommend it! It was extra D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. Personally, I am not a fan of milkshake, but this one was creamy, very sweet and healthy!

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Spring is that time of the year when we see flowers blooming but, is also about blooming where god has us planted. How many times we desire to move from our home city, find a better job or get a better partner?, but believe me when I say that God has you where he has planted you. The purpose of Easter is to bloom in the midst of our problems. Is about giving our best despite of our circumstances. God has us in a certain place for a reason and sometimes we have to grow among weeds. After all, we have what we need and if you still feel in despair grab your best friend and go have a milkshake.

Whether you go to church, spend time with your family or go out for a jog this Sunday, remember to be a better person than yesterday. Surprisingly, we have a Lunar Eclipse on April 4th which falls under the celebration of Easter. So, it will be a good day!

easter 6Remember, that Easter is not only about the bunny and the fake egg hunting. Even though Easter is a religious celebration, is also about remembering He who died for us and gave us eternal life and loving our neighbors despite of our differences. During Easter we learn to love one another the way Jesus loves us. Let’s keep flourishing like that flower in the middle of the storm. Let’s keep growing our strengths like that seed in the darkest soil. We are good enough to bloom in spring or even in winter season. Because life is all about growing and showing are true colors.


For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.
– Audrey Hepburn


Photography by Danielle Margherite 

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