Earth Sign

IMG_1633According to the stars and astrology I’m an earth sign. I believe I am. Every time I am  surrounded by trees and water, I feel a sense of calm and freedom. I am the type of person who needs to be outdoors 80% of the time. I cannot imagine myself living in a place far from the beach either. Miami is my natural habitat, as I am surrounded by palm trees and salty sea. Being an earth sign might be a logical reason why I get inspired by boho designs and anything earthy. Today’s outfits are inspired by Earth day. I wanted to keep it simple with a dash of boho elements. The first look is for the carefree and easygoing spirit. Maxi dresses are on trend for Spring and Summer. I always put comfort as a priority when it comes to clothes. This dress is perfect for a brunch with your girlfriends and a more elegant look for the beach. To accentuate the waist, I added this gold belt from Nurbana 305. I like to protect my eyes from the sun by wearing a stylish hat.

I enjoy going to the beach as much as possible and soak up the sun with its vitamin D. Also, a walk in the beach is a good relaxation technique.


IMG_1632IMG_1625For this second look, I wanted to share my regular beach outfit. If I know I will spend a full day at the beach I take a huge bag. This bag is also from Nurbana 305, and is perfect to fit all your beach essentials such as towel, extra clothes, makeup and even toiletries. The color white is a big Spring and Summer trend. I wear white all year long even though is not a trend at the moment. I think is clean and minimalist. IMG_1609FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (2)IMG_1172A good way to show your support for the environment is to go a day on foot. Leaving your car at home and using the public transportation or bikes at least once a week, helps to diminish the carbon dioxide produced by it. Ironically, each Wednesday I take the metro rail to Brickell, and spend more time walking on the sidewalks than driving in my car. There are many ways to protect the environment from its deterioration and one of my favorites is to shop local. I love shopping from local owners, for clothes and food. It’s a good way of preserving fuel and energy, and supporting your community. If you have noticed, the majority of my clothes are purchased from local boutiques.

The bathing suit I am wearing underneath the dress is from the local store Nurbana 305. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it, but is a fitting one piece suit with stone details. I want to thank Nurbana 305 for allowing me to show you these beautiful outfits. Go online and check their unique store with a shop with your sense experience.image1 (5)

I hope you have enjoyed this post and got you inspired for an endless summer season. By the way, I will be attending as a special guest for the next Fashion Happy Hour event. This event is earth friendly and is a good way to shop for a cause. The profits will go towards Foodom and will help to feed children in Africa. Join me as I spill my secrets for Spring and Summer trends! Love you all!janelly


Dress, Necklace, and Bag: Nurbana 305

Gladiators: Steve Madden (similar)