Wild Wild East

dmargherite_jannely-4379Miami is getting hotter and hotter. This past Sunday our temperature reached up to 97 degrees. It was hot and humid, but I wanted to share one of my favorite styles for this spring despite the unbearable weather. I continue to fall in love with bell bottoms and trends from the 70’s. I was able to buy this pair last weekend at the Fashion Happy Hour event. This was one of the element pieces I talked about during the event. The ethereal lace on the pants, are a key fashion trend to be looking for during this Spring. Luckily, I was able to get them on sale and part of the profits were going to Foodom; an organization that feeds children in Africa.

Another statement piece for Spring and Summer are hats. I love my Janessa Leone design, and is a key element for hot days like this past Sunday. Accessories can bring outfits to life, and transform boring wardrobe basics. Lately, I’ve been playing with different colors in my outfits and trying not to match everything. Another way to style this high waist flare pants is with a crop top. Don’t be afraid to play with your closet and match pieces.

I hope you enjoyed this look and stay tuned for more outfit inspiration. Also, I will be hosting a cool event during May and can’t wait to share with all of my readers.

Hat: Janessa Leone  Pants: Mavy Savvy   Blouse & Earrings: Mariposa Dressing Room

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