It Was Called Yellow


Shoes Steve Madden (similar), Shirt Essence boutique, Head Piece (8 other reasons).

The weather gets hotter and hotter here in Miami. I personally do not like weathers over 80 degrees since I get headaches and get too sweaty. Lately I have been in the lazy zone. I have become so sluggish to write posts, workout and even go to my 9 to 5 job. Is it me?. I think we can blame it on the season. Anyways, Summer is all about being carefree and wearing loose outfits. This is the time of the year to be mindful about our clothing and become more creative. Since Miami has unpredictable weathers and is constantly changing, I have to be smart in what I wear. Today’s outfit reflects my nonchalant and free spirited personality. This outfit is in the lazy and comfort zone, and is all about adopting an “I don’t care” mood.

The color Yellow screams summer and fun days ahead. This shirt dress is perfect for petite women. I certainly would wear this for boat days but not in the streets. If you have long legs like me, add some shorts and you’re ready to roll. Now, let’s jump into the accessories. The rings are from a sale the editor from Disfunkshion Magazine did recently. She has a unique taste and I was able to buy from her closet these boho rings. Now my favorite part of this outfit is this Comeback  head piece. I think it adds an Arabian style to the look. Wherever you are heading this summer, make sure to add comfortable shoes like this gladiators. This outfit makes it perfect for a road trip or boat day. There are many ways to wear a shirt dress, but you cannot go wrong by throwing this shirt over your bathing suit for a casual lunch around the beach. Until next post, and hope you have a bright and yellow day. dmargherite_jannely-7892

dmargherite_jannely-7915unnameddmargherite_jannely-7918dmargherite_jannely-7895dmargherite_jannely-7899dmargherite_jannely-7888Photography by Danielle Margherite