Fashion on Wheels: Bungalow 33

Heads up ladies. A new fashion truck has come to Miami. Bungalow 33 is the new fashion mobile truck rolling around the city and bringing a new fashion experience straight to your doorstep. You might event get surprised one day if this truck is outside your job. The design of this mobile truck can be best defined as classy, chic and clean. Is a modern way of shopping for ladies with a busy schedule. This boutique has everything you need for your next wedding celebration, business meeting and your traveling needs.

I had the opportunity to interview the owner, Michelle Applebaum. Read below as she expresses her new idea on wheels and upcoming projects. Discover how she was able to transform a food truck into a fashion truck. Video can also be viewed here:

Tell us more about you and how did you come up with the idea of a mobile boutique?

I am originally from Boston and I’ve been living in Miami since 2004. I came across this idea because I always dreamed of owning a fashion boutique. I knew that the costs of starting the boutique brick and mortar were too high. After the food truck craze, I started researching ideas of creating something into a mobile truck. I discovered there were many other fashion mobile trucks in LA and NYC, but not in Miami. I decided to bring this into Miami and I believe is something more people will start seeing soon.

Is always inspiring to see business women. Is Bungalow 33 your first business?

It is not my first business. I used to be the owner of a pet grooming salon and boutique in South Beach. It used to be called “Grooming Loft” and I owned it for six and a half years. I sold my business when I decided to start my family. Now, I am here with my 10 month old son and I decided it was time to pursue my dream business.

What inspired you to open Bungalow 33 and what is the idea behind the name?

I love fashion and I love shopping. There is nothing like a perfect outfit that can make a woman feel empowered and confident. It makes me happy when I style my clients and they are able to feel confident in their own skin. The idea behind Bungalow 33, came as I was thinking of other ways I could call a house. I was originally coming up with really generic names such as “House of Style”, so Bungalow was the perfect synonym for home. The number 33 is because the last two digits of coconut grove is 33, and that is where my Bungalow is parked.

Miami has a big selection of boutiques, what makes your boutique different and unique?

The biggest thing that makes by boutique different is that I am mobile. I offer events such as business partnerships, home parties, fundraising, and charities events. For those men who are looking for the perfect gift, my boutique also offers the opportunity to plan a shopping spree for your significant other. The clothing that I have is a reflection of my own personal taste and style.

Every girl in Miami is looking for the perfect outfit without breaking the bank. What brands Bungalow 33 offers and how affordable are the prices?

Is a mid-level price range. I have tank tops for $19, shoes for $29 and pantsuit for $180. There is everything in between and is pretty reasonable as price is concerned. The bigger brands that I have in stock are Bella Dahl, Donna Mizani, Sneak Peek jeans, Flying Monkey jeans and Ilan. I also like to include other fun brands such as Style Stalker, Madison Square and Wilde Heart.

Some people like to buy from the comfort of their home, does Bungalow 33 offer online shopping?

Currently I do not offer online shopping, however; I do post my merchandise in social media such as Instagram and Facebook. If people are interested they can always send me a private message and I can offer them the pricing and shipping.

Do you have any future plans for Bungalow 33?

I launched about 4 weeks ago, so I am currently working on business partnerships around Miami. I have an upcoming collaboration with the Vagabond Hotel, Vanity Projects, and the Car Wash in US1.

To get a better taste of Bungalow 33, Michelle assisted me in styling her favorite outfits and we were able to put together three essential looks for this Summer.

First Look 

I love this first look Michelle picked out for me. This is the perfect dress for a cocktail party or wedding celebration. The green color screams Summer all around, and the off the shoulder style gives it a sexy and elegant look.  I added a gold plated necklace that can be turned into a choker. Even my nail color matches with the dress. Dresses that are asymmetric can help shape your figure and make your legs look longer.


For a business look, just add a white blazer and remove it when you are ready to transition from work hours to happy hours. A white blazer is a classic and a piece statement each woman should own in her closet. This item makes the outfit look elegant and classy.


Second Look

This second look is inspired in Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. A-line skirts are very popular right now. Many women are afraid of wearing this big skirts, but is all about confidence. You can style this skirt with a statement t-shirt as well. Some women are hesitant to wear it because they do not know where to go with this outfit. You can go to the movies, a dinner and even to church. Remember to keep accessories to the minimum since the outfit is all about the skirt.

Third Look

dmargherite_jannely-1157For my third look I decided to go casual and bohemian. Even though the weather is rising in Miami, I love wearing bell sleeves shirts. Just add a tassel necklace to complete the outfit. This is a great look for the 4th of July or a day for brunching. Espadrilles are a must in your closet for this season. Own them in gold, red and all the colors. These shoes are really comfortable and you can walk miles in them. The shorts I chose are the perfect fit as they’re not too long nor too short. Summer season is a good excuse to wear casual even during night time.

dmargherite_jannely-1138 - Copy

I hope you enjoyed these styles and gave you some Sunday inspiration.

A special thanks to Michelle Applebaum for styling me for this shoot and also to Danielle for capturing the perfect moments and angles. Follow Bungalow 33 in Instagram @bungalow33boutique and stay tuned for their future events. To book Bungalow 33, call (786) 606-9003 or email

Photography by Danielle Margherite

Clothing c/o Bungalow 33.