Summer Soiree

dmargherite_jannely-3148After the Swim Week madness, I was inspired to bring a different look to the blog. I recently visited the Thompson Hotel, where the palm trees meet Caribbean inspired cabanas. The Thompson Miami Beach reminds me of summer trips to the island’s resorts back in my country. It has that Caribbean vibe and welcoming staff you encounter when you travel abroad. Since I came during the day, I could not enjoy their chic night life is so talked about. So, this look is inspired for those chic night shenanigans in Miami Beach.

The dress is designed by Julian Chang, a local designer from Miami, Florida. I discovered his designs from my favorite local boutique, Coasta Berre. The classic snake print design gives it a classy look with the sheer fabric. The fabric allows flexibility and movement to the dress. This is a print that never goes out of style and it can easily transition into the fall season. To add more elegance match the dress with a dark color pair of shoes, likes these burgundy pumps from Jessica Simpson.

Despite the hot weather in Miami, this dress is perfect for the summer breezy nights. A long dress with the right shoes, can provide a women with the confidence and strength to conquer any situation. I am a believer that the way you dress represents your current mood and emotions. Long dresses are a life saver when you get invited last minute to a wedding or cocktail party. For a final touch, accessorize with minimal jewelry such as a ring and stud earrings.

I like to remember those times when I saw my mom dressing up for a date with dad. I think society has lost a bit of elegance when dressing up. Let’s bring back elegance with the long dress. Dressing up is a way of expressing yourself and sharing who you are.

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Photography by Danielle Margherite 


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