Look Up to the Moon

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Luckily, today we have a second full moon on the month of July. This moon is special because its rare to have two full moons in a month, which only happens every 2.7 years. I discovered this astronomical event upon my research of full moon calendars. I have always believed that the energy of the full moon and new moon influences our mood. The blue moon, as our ancestors call it, is a moon that represents change, creativity and strength. Today’s cosmic event marks a special day in my little book of life.

Last week, I decided to make a really hard decision. The fear of the unknown, was not letting me live up to my dreams. I decided to quit my job, and for the first time in the year of 2015, I felt a sense of relief and satisfaction. In the past months, my energy was declining and I felt like quitting on my dreams. I was living up to a life full of fear and doubts. I was letting fear control my emotions and decision-making. After I was able to listen to my inner voice and make a self assessment, I recognized it was time for a change.  

My decision was not considered on what I read in the horoscope; It’s no doubt it is related to the full moon because today I decided to change my life chapters. Finally, I think the moon and the stars are working some cosmic force in my favor. After all, the full moon feels friendly and promising, a future with many doors to open. Despite of my religious backgrounds, I still read the horoscope for fun and it was such a coincidence to discover that today’s readings are in accordance to my own present.  For the first time the horoscope was right.

Today I decided it was enough to stop pushing my dreams away. It was enough to listen to other people’s opinions and bad advice. It was time to bring matters to the table and trace my own path. So, tonighton July 31st, I will celebrate a new beginning. I encourage you to take time today and reevaluate your life. Are you living your dreams or someone’s else? Look up to the sky and reflect on your destiny. Today’s full moon marks a new cycle where I start anew.

Happy Friday!


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