Miami Swim Week Recap, Part 3

EW5Y20OUvFu8wk6jJQvuSeZoFwPB-lIEOeu2eriSHCEIt’s been a while since Miami took over the runways. During the last day of swim week, many designers were able to showcase their new collection. Next summer we will be seeing one piece swimwear and high waist bottoms. The Fashion Buffet team took over Swim Week and here we bring you a preview of the hottest styles for next summer 2016. During our four day of networking and attending shows, we discovered new upcoming trends. Hair styles such as braids and fringed clothes will continue to be trendy for the upcoming spring/summer 2016.

Acacia swimwear and Caffe Swimwear were one of my favorite shows, as they illustrated classic pieces with modern elements. Miami has endless summer and with Labor Day around the corner, the struggle to find the perfect swim suit continues. Caffe Swimwear has perfect resort wear, with their chiffon fabrics. Hope these pictures inspire you to find the perfect swim wear cut.

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