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Miami’s top creative neighborhood called Wynwood has inspired many restaurants to bring the latin cuisine into their menus along with other international tastes. In today’s food edition, I take you through a tour of the best restaurants in Wynwood with Miami Culinary Tours. This tour takes you through six different restaurants to try a piece of their menu. The tour also provides a brief history of the development of Wynwood neighborhoods and a background of artists who have collaborated in the creation of Wynwood Walls. Grace, our tour guide, explained what to expect from the tour and made the experience more enjoyable. Get ready to be indulged and experience the real Miami cuisine.

  1. Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. This restaurant located in the middle of Wynwood Walls, offers a variety of latin cuisine with a local taste. The menu consisted of chicken ropa vieja empanada, maduros with queso fresco and a tequeno which is a venezuelan bite, accompanied with a local beer called La Rubia. This beer is crafted in Wynwood Brewing, a local brewing company and offers a unique taste to its local visitors. I am not a fan of sweet plantains (maduros), but I can tell you these were perfectly cooked and tasty. The empanadas were on point with the cilantro sauce, and the tequeno was cheesy. If you love cheese, then you will be delighted with their cuisine. Plates are small at this restaurant but it was definitely my favorite one of the entire tour. The beer is an IPA flavor and perfect to hydrate before walking to the next restaurant. I look forward to taste more beer at their local brewing store. Location: 2550 NW 2nd ave, Miami, FL 33127.


2. R House. Music, art and food are the perfect mix at this local spot in Wynwood. Our second taste included short ribs slider, tuna tartare, paired with white wine. My favorite item on the plate was the tuna tartare. As a fish lover, I can surely say the tuna was sweet and perfectly seasoned with the sesame seeds and avocado. The tortilla on the tuna gave it the extra sweetness as it was made of a specific flour. The meat in the short ribs slider was perfectly sliced, however the bread was not my favorite. I think it would’ve taste better if the brioche bread was more crunchy and toasted. The wine was refreshing and exquisite. I could definitely come back for a happy hour, but most definitely for the tuna tartare. Location: 2727 NW 2nd ave, Miami, FL 33127.

IMG_7141image1(4)IMG_71333. Pride and Joy. This food location was my least favorite, but I give an A+ to the decor inside. It is a good spot to grab your favorite rock n’ roll song and enjoy their local meat. This spot offers south american barbecue at its best. The menu offered was pulled pork with coleslaw on texas toast. The pulled pork was amazingly sliced, seasoned, cooked and juicy. My disappointment was on the poor selection of white bread. As a bread enthusiast, I like my bread crunchy and well cooked. It was soggy and simple. However, I do recommend this place if you are looking for real American cuisine. Location: 2800 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127.

IMG_7161image24. Suviche. This restaurant is for fish lovers. Suviche offers classic Peruvian cuisine. I have never been disappointed with this place. The menu consisted of a classic ceviche, with a combination of sweet and sour flavors. If you are unaware of what to expect on a classic peruvian plate, you will experience a taste of cooked raw fish, pine nuts, corn, sweet potato and onions. I love this mix of vegetables and white meat. This is my favorite international cuisine ever and a must try. This was the healthiest restaurant from the tour and a true latin cuisine experience. Location: 2751 N Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33127.

IMG_71845. Made in Italy Gourmet. When travel becomes a luxury you can easily take a tour through Italy at this great international local spot. This market has been around for about 8 months in Wynwood neighborhoods. Is a casual place to do wine tasting. We tasted proseco with a special cheese made of milk and black truffles called Pecorino Tartofato. In consideration of other cheeses, this one in particular tastes very strong. Not recommended for people who have lactose intolerance like me. On the other hand, the proseco was sweet and bubbly. Overall, I enjoyed the place and the ambience. Location: 10 NW 27th Street, Miami, FL 33137.

image5image3image1(3)6. Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop & Cafe. Attention Lime lovers! This will become your favorite spot after trying their original key lime pie. Derek is a fireman who lives in Miami and serves the best local pies.To conclude the tour, the guide takes you to try an original desert. After the tour was over, a week after, I came back for the pie. Yes! this pie is delicious and you will not regret traveling 10 miles just to try a piece. Location: 2818 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33137.


The tour is an equivalent of a full lunch and the guide will make sure you leave with a full stomach. A special thanks to Miami Culinary Tours and Paola from Coral Gables Love for introducing us to a little bit of Wynwood history and Miami cuisine. Miami culinary tours also offer tours of Little Havana and South Beach. For more info and how to sign up click here. 



  1. September 21, 2015 / 3:31 pm

    I love your honest review of every spot! The key lime pie was amazing 🙂 I need to go back for more like you did!

  2. thefashionbuffet
    September 22, 2015 / 6:39 pm

    Thanks Paola! Yes you really have to; is delicious!

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