Mazda and The City

IMG_8452jannelymazda6i-0109I remember driving my first car and getting excited to have a glimpse of independence. But nothing compares when I got to drive the new Mazda 2016. I felt a sense of superiority. The Mazda 6 is everything a business woman, fashionista or mom in action would ask for. This is the car for the professional entrepreneur. The sleek design and elegant leather interior is the welcome to the future. I was very excited when Drive Shop reached out to collaborate with me. Driving the red Mazda around the city made me feel extra confident and sexy.

While testing the car I was able to notice many advanced features and technology. This car is JANNELY approved. YES! I have an issue with letting my keys inside the car. The new Mazda 6 brings my favorite feature which does not allow to close unless you get the keys out of your car. Another amazing feature is the Blind Spot Monitoring System, for those who are unaware of their surroundings. This car is not only luxurious but also artificial intelligent.

As a lifestyle blogger and busy bee, I am constantly running to meetings and events around the city. This car allowed me to change into my different outfits comfortably in the back seat. I like to live a comfortable life, and the Mazda 6 allowed me to make my trips as comfortable as possible.

If you live in Miami, then you know that everything is distant and before you realize it you are stoping by the nearest gas station. Let me tell you, gas mileage in the Mazda is incredible and the dashboard provides information on the amount of mileage left to empty. Mazda has a fuel economy of 32 MPG. I just filled up the tank once and was able to make all my trips and photo shoots. One of my favorite areas of the city include Wynwood, Miracle Mile in Coral Gables and Midtown. Thankfully, this spots are not so far from each other and I was able to catch my meetings on time.

Scroll down to discover a glimpse of my weekly adventures in the Mazda.jannelymazda6i-0090jannelymazda6i-0070One of the most incredible features of the Mazda is, its keyless entry system. No need to look for your keys inside your purse late at night and struggle with it. Just with a push of a button, open Sesame, and Voila!
image1jannelymazda6i-0122jannelymazda6i-0173image1mazdapromo-0022mazdapromo-0039jannelymazda6i-0195jannelymazda6i-0054Also, no need for an AUX cable. Mazda has bluetooth hands-free phone/audio, which allows you to concentrate in your driving while talking and planning your meetings. As a blogger, I am working on the go, and plan most of my daily tasks while driving. I loved this feature and the ability to have all my iTunes music in my car including Pandora. 3After a long day shooting, it was time to change to the next outfits and grab a coffee at one of my favorite spots in the city; Wynwood. Mazda 6 offers Skyactiv technology, which it means basically a series of technologies that increase fuel efficiency. Everything about this car was RAD. If you are wondering what I want for Christams, this post already gives you a clue.21jannelymazda6i-0042Once it gets dark, no need to get annoyed by the rude drivers with their high beam lights. The Mazda brings an auto dim rear view mirror with homelink, which blocks the light from cars with high beam lights. Mazda thinks of everything!janelly1548Now time to enjoy the sunset and dream of this car. I loved driving this car and felt so secure while running my errands in it. The Mazda 6 starts at MSRP $30,195.


Thanks Drive Shop for partnering up with my website. For a video action of behind the scenes, click on my YouTube Channel {please subscribe} and #DriveMazda.

Photography by Daphne Diaz and Niketa from Head Over Heels Love 

Clothing from Earthy Chic Boutique

This post is in collaboration with Drive Shop and Mazda. All opinions shared in this article are my own.

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