Tales From The Back Row Book Review

FullSizeRenderWelcome to a new section on the blog! I am so excited to be sharing a new topic with you. Each month I plan to review my favorite book of the month and give my insight on what I learned from the book. We are in the last week of October, and is the perfect season to get cozy, grab a latte and read. Tales From The Back Row has been one of my favorite inspirational books related to the fashion industry. If you are a fashion enthusiast like me and dream of working in the industry, then you need to add this book to you coffee table book collection. Make it your to-read list for the month because it will give you tips and inside access to the industry. As for me, I enjoyed reading it by the pool and Miami has always a perfect weather for it.

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In today’s post I want to emphasize main points I learned in Tales From The Back Row. Read below as I summarize the tips Amy Odell brings us from behind the scenes.

  1. Master your lame flamingo. This fashion pose will work out for any photo shoot.
  2. Do not wear sweatpants for a special occasion even if they are from Alexander Wang. Especially if you are meeting your boyfriend’s parents. Is a big no no!
  3. Read the fine letter print of an invitation and be the last one to leave from the event. You might meet your hero.
  4. Try hard, but do not look like you are trying so hard.
  5. Get to know designers and be nice to them. Looks can be deceiving.
  6. Self promotion is a requirement in this industry for success.
  7. All that hard work and dedication can really pay off.
  8. Be fluent in your vocabulary, nobody wants to notice your lack of education.
  9. Whenever in doubt, wear everything black. It will always look stylish.

This book claims to give you a good preview of what happens behind the scenes in the fashion world. Thanks to Mrs. Odell we have a good hint of what it is like sitting in the back row.

If you enjoy book reviews or want to join a book club let me know in the comments below.



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