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FullSizeRenderI recently learned about tablescaping, which is basically the landscape of a table. After spending hours in Pinterest and We Heart It, I came up with my own stylish holiday table set up. Thanksgiving is next week and I want to inspire you to be creative with one of the best holiday dinners of the year. As simple as it looks, setting up a table is a money and time investment that requires creativity and a little patience. One of the best places to purchase home decor and kitchenware is at Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Target, as it has most of the items you need in the same location. If you have the creative bug then Michael’s Arts and Craft is a great option.

To host a Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving dinner requires dedication and a pinch of creativity. As for the talescape, use warm colors that inspire the season such as shades of brown, gold, yellow, burgundy, purple, mustard and orange. Incorporate seasonal elements such as wooden accessories, seasonal fruits, corn and green leaves. Some people prefer flowers in their tables, which they can include seasonal flowers such as goldenrod, russian sage and helenium. Changing the fabric of the table cloth is a great indication of a holiday table. You can switch your regular cotton placemats for burlap to give it a rustic style. Candles always set that holiday vibe on a table. I added popcorn kernels on the glasses and a white candle, to make it more autumnal.

Remember the rules of etiquette. The forks on the left and the spoons and knives on the right. I also decided to give my table a more personalized look by adding name cards for my invitees. I recently discovered a pen artist from West Palm Beach that runs her own business as Ink Letter Love Corey, the owner, does not only put ink on paper but also on anything you can think possible, wood, windows, tables, canvas, you name it. She elaborates beautiful custom hand-lettering for any celebration like weddings, birthdays and baby showers. Her personalized hand written messages will wow your guests. I don’t know about you, but I would love to see my name in Ink anywhere, and specially on my plate. Don’t worry if you don’t have idea what to order, because Corey loves words and art, and will put a message down for you. To know more information about her services and how you can reach her, email Corey here.

Hopefully, your holiday table come out as a true masterpiece. Stay tuned for Monday’s post as I will bring an outfit inspiration to wear for Thanksgiving.

This article was in collaboration with Ink Letter Love. All opinions are my own.


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