Picnic in the Mitsubishi

FullSizeRenderDriving the Mitsubishi around Miami was fun. The Mitsubishi Mirage 2015 is an automobile for the budget friendly driver. The car has a 40 mpg gas mileage that allows the driver to commute to work without having to worry to spend the paycheck in gas. I went to my job interview in this car and one of the comforts of this vehicle is that allows accessible parking in small spaces. Also, U turns are as easy as 1-2-3, since the size allows to maneuver the vehicle in a comfortable fashion. The mirage is not only an economy car, but is also equipped with my favorite technology such as the keyless system and bluetooth system. To get more out of the car, I decided to grab a picnic trip to the park.

I discovered this beautiful park by Pembroke Pines, FL called CB Smith Park, and scouted for a good location to camp. The park has lake views and cozy spots to park the car and, it has a private picnic area as well. The mirage allowed me to enjoy the comforts of this vehicle during my short getaway. I like how the trunk opens up and allows an optional space to install a bed or extra pillows and snuggle inside. Now, how cool is this car for a tailgate? This is the perfect college student car that allows financial freedom while getting the best features. For newbies, this is the best car for a first time driver. The car starts for a price of $12,995 and is fully equipped with all technology needs. For this price, you can focus more on your school and leave money for other needs such as school supplies, international trips and grocery.

You can even take your Thanksgiving meal to the park and plan a picnic with your loved one. Now, I have to mention how comfortable are these pants. Dark green and red are in season and fringes continue to be trendy. Koveted Collection maintains in stock merchandize for fall season in Miami. Check them out during Small Business Saturday and get a discounted prize for this outfit.

The Mitsubishi Mirage is an effortless car that allows you to make road trips without spending your savings. Thanks to Drive Shop for this fun adventure!
jannely-0064 jannely-0070 JANNELY-0192JANNELY-0188IMG_0234This article is in collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors and Drive Shop USA. All opinion is my own and not those stated by Drive Shop USA.

Photography by Niketa Newell 

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