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IMG_0117A tour like no other takes place in Delray and Boynton Beach. Last two weeks I had the pleasure to join a group of tourists and South Florida Bloggers on a food journey through the north side of Florida. The Taste History & Culinary Tour is hosted by the Museum of Lifestyle & Fashion History. This tour is for people with a big appetite. I will recommend not to eat the night before and save the breakfast for the tour. I am serious. The tour takes you around different eateries while exploring the history and development of Palm Beach County. This tour concentrates on Floribbean cuisine, which is a mix of Floridian and Caribbean food coming from Jamaica, Barbados, and other islands. Lori, our tour guide, gave us a delightful experience and background history from this amazing county. As we explored the city by bus, we encountered art galleries, new cuisine and the best customer service ever. I have to say this has been the best tour I have ever taken despite my food coma at the end of the tour. This tour is a cultural experience like no other and will introduce you to a whole different food language. Let’s get started!

Palermos Bakery

This is a Sicilian bakery founded more than 125 years ago by the Palermo family. This bakery is still family owned and operated. First, the tour opens your appetite with sweets and Italian secret recipes. This bakery has one of the best cannolis I have ever tasted. After the cannoli, I jumped into the Tony Soprano which is a big version of a cannoli made with donut dough. Then, I continued with an apple strudel and other sweets I cannot even remember their names. The apple strudel was one of my favorites sweets from the tour, and even got more for the trip back home. This bakery is a must visit if you are ever in the Boynton Beach area. They couldn’t have started the tour in a better way.


Hurricane Alley

Our next stop consisted in a classic introduction to Floribbean Cuisine. Here we sampled a seafood bisque, spicy tuna, calamari and pasta salad. The decor is so welcoming with their fishing nets and props that make you think it was taken from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”.IMG_1996 IMG_0106

Amanda James Gallery 

The tour made a quick stop at a local boutique in Downton Boynton Beach. Amanda is a born artist with a passion for colors. She has a great collection of home decor in her boutique gallery and offers customization. Her pillow collection was so unique and eye catching that it makes me want to go back for a shopping spree.IMG_0123

Don Che Bistro

This part of the tour is what I call “hitting the spot”. This restaurant made the culinary tour the BEST one I have ever attended so far (I think I mentioned it earlier). Don Che Bistro is a mix of Argentinian and Italian cuisine located in Boynton Beach. We were welcomed with a glass of sangria before tasting the gnocchi, empanadas, veal, and the great selection of meat. The chicken was well seasoned and well cooked. The gnocchi disappeared from the table in a blink of an eye. I guess this was a version of Latin friends-giving. I was impressed with the amazing quality of their meat and plates at Don Che. I want to bring my family to this restaurant and explore more in depth their menu.


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IMG_0328The chorizo and empanadas were so delicious.IMG_0141

Bond & Smolders Cafe Bakery

Our last stop in Boynton Beach was at a Norwegian bakery that offers a selection of bread, sandwiches, salads and coffee. I was not really hungry anymore but attempted to take a bite of that lemon cake. This part of the tour was my least favorite but I truly recommend this spot for a cup of hot chocolate. 

Loic Autret French Bakery 

Bonjour France! Best French Bakery I have ever been. This bakery specializes on artisan and hand-made French recipes. Here I tried the best croissant I have tasted in my whole entire life! It was a seasonal croissant with pumpkin filling. Oh pumpkin croissants where are thou. Even though I was so full, I made a sacrifice because we say NO to french bakery. Loic opened his bakery in Delray Beach in 2015, sharing his love and passion for sweets. IMG_0153

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Bamboo Fire Cafe

So back to the Caribbean roots we enjoyed a traditional taste from Guyana. My stomach was crying at this point. We got served curry chicken salad in a bread bowl, jerk meatballs and a non-traditional lemonade. Their menu consist in mixing spicy food, seasonal fish and caribbean classic such as oxtail pepperpot. IMG_0342

Eat Market

This was our last stop and we ended up with an american entree instead of a dessert. This market is located in Delray Beach and offers deli and organic meal options. This is a place for both worlds, the vegan and the meat lover. I ordered the sandwich to go because unfortunately I could not put more stuff in my mouth. When I got home and my stomach rested for three hours, I decided to take a bite. What I did not know is that I ended up eating the whole sandwich. Oh my! Is the best sandwich I have ever tasted. Why everything from the tour tasted so good?! Eat Market specializes in bringing local food from organic farms in Florida. There is no point on hating on California donuts because they have one of the best donuts in town. Eat Market also has a fabulous Instagram feed that will make you want to pay a visit. IMG_0180image1

I hope you enjoyed this small introduction of the Taste History Tour. The tour runs for about 4-5 hours and is the best way to spend a day. You get all this food and history experience for a starting price of $45. For more information on their tours check here.

Thanks so much to South Florida Bloggers and Lori Durante for the amazing experience. I am looking forward to make the other tours.

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