Christmas-ing in the Kia

A.Holiday-0065I am so excited that this week is a very short week, just like Thanksgiving. Since early I can remember, there is one single Christmas tradition I follow and it is gifting. They say giving is better than receiving. So, why not give with a joyful heart? Last week, I cruised around Coral Gables while getting some Christmas errands done in the new Kia Optima SX LTD. Once I received this white machine, I couldn’t believe all the amazing features and elegance of the car. I’ll be singing all week long “Santa Baby, just slip a Kia under the tree for me”!

This car is all a good girl could ask for her Christmas wish list. I am a professional driving a 2010, and I can tell you I felt more in power and PROFESSIONAL in the Kia Optima 2016. The interior is stylish and welcoming with the brown leather seats. The panoramic sunroof lets you enjoy the Miami sunset and blue sky. I enjoyed everything about his car. As I mentioned in my previous car posts, the keyless system is one of my favorite features. The car drove smoothly on the highway. The 2.0L turbo gas direct injection, is a great mechanical feature to get an improved performance on the KIA. I have never been a fan of Kia but after test driving the Kia Optima, I am really considering getting this brand. The only downside is the gas mileage with only 25mpg. However, the turbo engine compensates for the lower gas mileage.

This Kia Optima can be the perfect Christmas gift for your wife, college graduate or yourself. Have you worked hard enough this year and considering a car change? Then, consider this Kia and let Santa do the rest. The retail price starts at $35,790. In my personal perspective, the price is fair for all the features and equipment the car offers. Compared to other luxury vehicles, the Kia Optima replacement parts are very affordable.

Jump into the New Year with a new vehicle that offers comfort, convenience and a keyless life. Happy Holidays!

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I’ve been seeing lots of blue lately in the store. This holiday, celebrate with a blue fabric that will set the holiday spirit. This dress has the perfect length for an office party or family holiday gathering. You can find this dress for less than $50 at Coasta Berre in Miami Lakes.

Photography By Niketa Newell 


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