Winter Pastels

IMG_2414Finally it’s the weekend! I am so thrilled for this upcoming days and long weekend. My calendar is full of events and activities. Lately, I’ve been feeling the symptoms of depression and staying positive has been quite the challenge. And let’s be honest, for some people the post holiday depression comes in full force. Have you ever heard about Holiday Hangover or Winter blues? Well, it’s real but you can overcome it. If you had a rough beginning of the year like me, there are several tweaks and tricks that you can do to restore your happy mood. The best way to cure the winter blues is to make an effort in dressing up. No matter how cloudy your days are, but you can start making you days brighter and colorful with your outfit. Swap you black sweaters, for colored garments. Research has confirmed that wearing light colors improves your self esteem drastically. This blue dress from Earthy Chic Boutique brings me serenity and peace. It’s versatile and allows flexibility throughout my busy days of entrepreneur life.

Another important element I add to my outfits is a pair of high heels. When your days become longer, add your favorite stilettos, put on make up and get out the door. The higher the heels the higher your dreams. In today’s society the art of “Dressing Up” has been lost. Dressing up might not come naturally for many people and it might require a little effort, but it makes a difference in your day to day life. I am building the habit to dress up even if I am heading to the supermarket. Another great mood booster to try that improves well being is the art of applying makeup. I’ll be honest. I am so lazy to apply my makeup but I love when I receive the compliments. That’s why I went to Sephora the other day and tried their different Tarte lipstick collection.

Don’t let your mood ruin your outfit, but let your outfit be a definition of who you are. Happy Friday!

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