Galentine’s with Tinseldot

IMG_3385Love is in the details. And that’s what Tinseldot showed us through our blogger’s brunch. Last weekend I attended a special Galentine’s brunch with my favorite bloggers at Vagabond Restaurant in the Mimo District. We were welcomed by the most romantic and chic table setting ever. My friends Juliana and Catalina, are the masters behind this fabulous party styling Miami based company. You know what is more powerful than a #boosbabe? It’s #sisterbabes. These two Colombian beauties created Tinseldot as a way to express their love for life through details. If there would be a contest/award in tablescaping, Tinseldot would be a runner-up and my favorite nominees. I decided to interview these two women and pick their brain on elegance and decor.

1- tell us a little about Tinseldot; what the name means?

Tinseldot is a sister team business who are passionate about style, fashion, design and anything DIY. We love to create, inspire and execute people’s vision by bringing them to life. Wether is a small gathering, an intimate setting, an extravagant affair, a photo shoot staging or a backdrop set up….you name it we are up for it!

The idea of our name came to us by trying to find ONE word that captured everything we incorporate in a design, something that it was fun, shiny and catchy to say, that would make people think of its meaning and be curious about it.

2- what made you change careers and pursue this passion?

Designing and styling has been with us from the beginning thanks to Mom❤️, through her we were able to discover the beauty of art and fine details to each event that she was part of. We try to mimic that into every event we design , always having in mind her words “Do everything with love and passion since the talents that God gives us are very important and should not be taken for granted” so… We can say it was easy to make the decision of pursuing what we love.

3- how do you describe your brand/business in three words?

This is a though one, lol. Is hard to put it in three words but here it goes…

Visionaries, Detailed, Doers.

4- Who is more bossy between Cat and Jules?

Neither. When it comes to design our connection is 50/50. We don’t even have to speak. Our brains are glued like all in one.

I hope everyone has a detailed and lovely Valentine’s Day! XO.

IMG_3383FullSizeRender-7IMG_3386IMG_3388IMG_3382IMG_3390IMG_3384IMG_3127Photos by Aaron Plaskett Photography 


  1. Tinseldot
    February 15, 2016 / 3:34 am

    You are soooo awesome!!!! 🙏🏻 Thank youuu! Again and again and again!!! 💖

  2. thefashionbuffet
    February 16, 2016 / 1:00 am

    No problem! I love your business and vision. xoxo

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