Boss Babe Style with YUPPIE

Have you ever wonder what will you wear each morning to work? I have struggled with his since I was in college. Throughout the years I have created a daily wardrobe for work but as time goes by I have become careless with my work outfits. In my previous job, I noticed people did not care about how they dress to go to work. Does the way we dress on a daily basis define success? Yuppie is the newest boutique in Coral Gables redefining fashion by introducing a new concept for young urban professionals. This boutique offers comfort work clothes without sacrificing trends. I interviewed Liz the owner, so you can know more behind the brand.

1- Tell me a little bit about yourself and the concept behind Yuppie.

My name is Liz Monterrey – I have a degree in Finance and Philosophy from FSU, a Masters in Business Administration from FIU, and a Digital Marketing certification from Harvard University. I started my career with the Macys Executive Development Program and was later recruited to work at Procter and Gamble. Currently I own 2 companies: Marketites a Marketing Agency and Yuppie a Clothing Boutique for Young Urban Professionals – so I am definitely career oriented. I have always killed it in all of my jobs, and I want to inspire others to do the same.

The concept behind Yuppie is simple – provide women with the fashion and confidence they need to kill it in their careers.

2- What defines success and do you consider yourself a #BossBabe?

I have always been a free thinking and independent person. To me, Success, is being able to live by your own rules and create your own path. That to me is not just success it is happiness. Am I a boss babe? Sure. I am not sure what I consider myself, but I am definitely a Yuppie, lol.

3 – Tell us about your new business casual athletic line.

Business Casual Athletic is all about comfort! If it was up to me, I would wear work out clothes everywhere I went. So I thought to myself, why not create a line that is comfy and professional? It is like Lululemon, but professional looking for work.

4- Define your brand in three words.

Young Urban Professional

5- Can you give an advice to the young urban professionals out there?

Yes a few things:

  • Don’t believe the hype. Question EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Ask yourself, is this a FACT or an Opinion? Always be skeptical, always be curious.
  • Negotiate Everything. Never Pay Full Price.
  • See challenges as opportunities not obstacles. I have failed many times, and continue to do so – the key is learn from your mistakes and pick up from where you left off. If Theresa Guidice can make a comeback after being in Jail you can overcome adversity too.
  • Build a sick network and team. You can’t do it alone. If youre the smartest person in your circle, you need a smarter circle.

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Photos and Video by Strickly Bussiness 

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    Cool very nice had a great time shooting with you

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