Save the planet in a Palm Tree Dress

Janelly 2-31God prunes us when he is about to take us into a new season of growth and expansion. -Christine Caine

Happy Earth day! Do you remember my post from last year’s Earth day inspiration? Check it out here . Today I want to share this tropical look and inspired #itsSoMiami style I discovered in Canada. I found this dress while strolling down Queens Street in Toronto and I soon thought: “Well, this is such a Miami dress”. This dress reminded me home and palm trees are so fashionable this season. Since today is Earth day, I encourage you to wear earth inspired prints or do something for the planet. While my dress screams “Go green!”, my actions toward a better environment are what counts. So I take this opportunity to share simple ways to make a difference in your little corner in Earth. Small changes reap big fruits. These are my favorite ways to help the planet.

  1. Shop local. Support local business and shop small. By supporting these boutiques you’re actually showing your support for local designers and also reducing gas emission from imported goods. Sometimes is better to spend a little bit more and buy the good local stuff.
  2. Use public transportation. Once in a while bike around the city or use Uber pool. When we use our cars less we are not just saving the planet earth but also saving our wallet.
  3. Go electronic. I am an old school gal and still use an agenda. I love writing in it and decorating it but, you can cut your paper bills for electronic ones. You are saving paper and trees as well.
  4. Turn off the lights and burn more candles. I am recently loving Rosa Dulce candles.
  5. Recycle your clothes. You can sell your clothes using an app like Poshmark or consign your expensive stuff in a consignment store. I love second-hand things when they are in great condition. H&M is helping the planet by giving away a 30% off your purchase when you donate clothes.
  6. Reuse your shopping bags as gift bags. Decorate them and paint them. Is a great way to save paper and plastic.
  7. Buy eco-friendly brands.
  8. Eat less meat and eat more veggies. Maybe becoming vegan is too much to ask but it’s good to do little shifts in our diet. Not only is beneficial for your health  but also for planet earth.

There are many other ways to become environmental savvy but remember that the change starts with you. This is a great season for growing, moving on and spring cleaning. I hope today’s article serve as a reminder to change your unhealthy habits. Global warming does exist and by ignoring it we are just adding to the problem. Let’s be mindful about our environment, because the way you treat your garden is the way you treat yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this fashion Friday inspiration. Until next time!

Dress: Mendocino // Shoes: Nine West // Purse: Kate Spade

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