Luxury in the Details with Lincoln Motors

DSC_6841Meet the new Lincoln MKZ 2017. A classy and modern style car with high technology. When I got invited to preview the new model I was so excited to test drive the car in the streets. This is really my dream car. All the right elements combined together make this car a futuristic machine.

Brunch at Byblos Miami

The Lincoln Motor Company invited a group of bloggers and influencers to experience a full day of luxury inspired in the new Lincoln MKZ 2017. What is a better way than to start the day the Miami way with a full brunch preview at Byblos Miami? First, we were welcomed with mocktails and a preview of the menu. The food was exquisite, not to mention the squid which was my favorite. The staff was A+ meaning they also watched my diet conditions. Since I am allergic to lactose my food was a little different but keeping that mediterranean flavor. We gathered together while learning more about the creation of the new car model. After our stomachs were full, we hit the road to our luxurious destinations.

DSC_6831 DSC_6834 DSC_6846 DSC_6920 DSC_6983

Lincoln MKZ 2017

Living in luxury is very important for me. I love comfort, efficiency and style. Call me a princess but that’s the way I like it. The MKZ 2017 had everything you need. From high speed navigation system to massage seats (my favorite). It feels awesome waiting in traffic while getting a massage. Now tell me if that’s not the good life. This car has one of the best sound systems bringing a full on stage experience by listening music like if you were in a concert.

DSC_6817 DSC_6839 DSC_6842 DSC_6988 DSC_6989

Luxury in the Details at The Well Groomed Gentleman 

After a long drive upon the highway we met the rest of the team at a classy barbershop in Miracle Mile. The Well Groomed Gentleman is service at its best. This place is a safe haven for the high maintenance man. Here we learned more about the black label edition of the car and how these elements embrace a luxury lifestyle. The best part about this salon is that they also offer manicures, pedicures, facials and massages. This is not a regular barbershop where you can get a quick haircut. The Well Groomed Gentleman also has a coffee bar inside at its service. After my 30 minutes massage, it was time to head back to the Royal Palms Hotel and call it a good Friday.
DSC_7158 DSC_7193

People say that material things can’t buy happiness but it all depends of the things you have. I think a good car like the MKZ can give you the quiet luxury you need in a life with a hectic agenda. The Lincoln company made me feel like a real princess with a day full of luxurious activities. IMG_1190

Disclosure: This was a collaboration and introduction to the new Lincoln MKZ 2017. All opinions are my own. 

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