A garden with Flowers

6N5A9865Dress: Earthy Chic Boutique // Earrings: Jennifer Schuitemaker // Shoes: Nine West (on sale)

Photography by Cat

Somewhere between right and wrong there is a garden. I will meet you there. -Rumi

 Around Las Olas boulevard in Fort Lauderdale there is a beautiful flower shop with a coffee bar inside. Ann’s Florist and Flower Bar  offers the perfect setting and environment for instagramable cappuccinos and flowers. I am so happy that my photographer discovered this place because I was able to have the perfect photo shoot. I felt like in a magical garden with my flower dress walking inside the flower bar. This dress is everything you need for a romantic date. The mid calf length and style provides elegance and comfort, and also a little bit of extra height. I styled it with my favorite jewelry from Jennifer Schuitemaker. Tassels are very trendy for this season and the next. In addition to my red earrings, a red lipstick added the perfect level of romance to the outfit. Don’t be afraid to wear red twice. Red is the perfect color to get attention and make an impression.

Not everything has to be colored black and white. In between our daily struggles and wrongdoings add a little color to your life. I’ve noticed that red instantly uplifts my spirit and energy. In a city full of chaos, we found a beautiful garden in Las Olas covered with peonies and roses. So wherever you find yourself during the weekend, remember there is a garden somewhere.

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