Spreading Goodness at Sushi Maki Brickell

IMG_2250 Last week, Sushi Maki spread goodness at their newest location in Brickell with great people and a great menu. Sushi rolls, soup dumplings, tuna tacos, boba tea, wok-fired udon noodles and sushi burritos made an excellent appearance at the table. Like Jack Nicholson would say: good times noodle salad. This event was one of the most delicious one ever. I am a sushi fan and love everything seafood. My favorite thing on the menu were the tuna and salmon tacos. They were so delicious, crispy and fresh.

Part of their introduction included a full surfboard of sushi rolls with different variety. My friends and I enjoyed a little bit of everything but also leaving space for the sushi maki signature dessert “snow ice”. There is no better way to enjoy an event than with friends/family at the table and spreading good conversations. If you are ever around Brickell area, I really recommend this restaurant because they know how to roll. Sushi Maki offers a “service casual” experience with full table service. It means that you order at the counter and the food will be delivered at your table.

Sushi Maki will also take care of all your party needs with their full cater service. At the end of the event, social media influencers left the place with a treat. We all received a special Paxo chili sauce from Sushi Maki. Now, this sauce is the perfect spice to mix with this type of cuisine. I can’t wait to go back with my family and have the perfect lunchtime.

New location: 1036 South Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33130IMG_2251IMG_2272IMG_2561IMG_2563IMG_2555IMG_2556

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