Going Blonette with Balayage

I felt adventurous going blonette and letting a team of experts style my hair. For the past five years, I have styled my own hair. I would go to the salon to cut my hair every 9 months or so. I have always had this fear that one day Edward scissor hands would come and destroy my beautiful brunette hair. Until one day I was contacted by Cocoa Chic PR and was invited to do a balayage with the awesome team based in NYC. The stylists Michele, Amy and Guillaume work at Prive by Laurent D in New York City and travel to Dominican Republic every three months. This year they came during Miami Swim Week to showcase their technique. Even though I was not 100 percent sure of going for this, I decided to face my fears and take a leap of faith. So I headed to Creato Hair Design in Brickell on a Sunday afternoon and prepared for the fun experience.IMG_2699


Let me tell you, this was the first time I heard of the term Balayage. After a long research in my laptop and reading Michele’s bio and her numerous trips to the island, I was convinced it was gonna be an interesting experience. For those of you new to the term, Balayage is a french technique that means sweeping. It gives the hair a natural sun-kissed look. Michele is a balayage specialist and I felt more comfortable after I heard she has touched Dominican hair.

The CutIMG_2697

Before going blonette I met with Guillaume where he evaluated my hair. I was not convinced to cut my hair until another blogger at the salon (Stephanie) told me Guillaume was the expert. I told Guillaume I did not want to lose my length and would love to continue have long hair. He was very understanding, and as requested Guillaume just cut about an inch. He uses a different technique where I had to stand up. I felt awkward in the beginning but he explained that the energy is different when you cut hair while standing up. I am so happy he cut my hair, because I had so many bad experiences in the past were Dominican stylists cut over 4 inches! (Edward scissor hands story here). Now, I just trust french stylists.

Going BlonetteIMG_2698

Now, this is the fun part. I was curious how the balayage was performed. Notice that during the balayage technique aluminum foil is not used. Michele used a special cellophane paper and Olaplex products. Olaplex is the best product in the market to protect the hair from artificial coloring and maintains strength. Olaplex protects the hair from heavy chemicals. After Michele finished sweeping my hair with the new color, I was placed under a heat machine to complete the process.

The Moment of Truth

Amy and Michele finished the final touches with the Malibu Hard Water and Christophe Robin products. After washing my hair, I met once again with Guillaume for the final styling. Amy recommends to buy the Olaplex from a certified hair salon, since the product sold online can be expired. The hair began transforming into lifeless layers to sexy curls. I have to admit I was a little uncomfortable in the beggining and took me about a week to get used to the change. Now, I love my balayage.

I have got so many compliments from my balayage that once you go Blonette you don’t want to go back. I feel different, exotic and fearless. I spent so many years with the same hair color that I was afraid to let someone else touch my virgin hair. I knew I needed a change this year but was not determined to do it until someone else offered me the opportunity. I am so happy with my new look. Even my ex boyfriend loves it. So whenever you feel scared to go for a change, that’s when you really have to go for it. Who knows, maybe you end up loving it like I did.FullSizeRenderIMG_2710

Michele, Amy and Guillaume will be coming to Miami every 2-3 months. For more information about their schedule follow their social media handles on the bottom of this page.

Follow their hair masterpieces in Instagram:

Amy @amyruddesigns

Michele @michelefury

Guillaume @byguillaumem

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