Time for a Change

IMG_2948Dress: Earthy Chic Boutique // Shoes: DSW (similar) // Clutch: Earthy Chic Boutique // Sunglasses: Quay Australia // Choker: Jennifer Schuitemaker // Earrings: Jennifer Schuitemaker

Photography by Cat

Have you ever gone one direction but felt odd feelings and decided to turn back? Well, something like that I went through this week. It is totally fine to turn away from unfinished tasks and refocus. They say quitters never win, but in reality quitters are smarter at not wasting their time and energy in toxic situations. Choices are very important in life, and the choice of quitting something is not a coward move but a smart one. Is important that we know when the road is dangerous and find another path. The right choice will take you to the right path. So, be brave and turn around. Now let me change the direction of this conversation and focus on this beautiful laced maxi dress. For this season, I am all about white before labor day (of course).

Elegance never goes unnoticed. When I wore this dress for the first time, I got many head turns and compliments. White lace is very delicate and goes well with any skin tone. Earthy Chic boutique has a vast selection of maxi dresses for this season. As soon I came across it in their window display, I knew I had to wear it. It is the perfect summer ending dress for that hot date night. Stay tuned for a back to school edition!

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