Coffee Culture at Ella Cafe Plantation

6n5a6084Love should be like coffee. Sweet and Strong.

In the corner of every coffee shop there is that indelible aroma of early morning roasting beans. Ella Café Plantation pairs that lovely smell with rustic wooden boards and acrylic mug designs, delivering the authentic coffee experience. Their decorative, vintage-inspired coffee bar makes it the perfect location for Instagram worthy-photos. Since my first visit to Ella, I always ask about their signature macadamia nut milk. It is the perfect non-dairy milk for a smooth beverage-like cappuccino.

Ella Café’s passion and dedication to coffee is evident in every cup. The barista at Ella uses premium ingredients to give a smooth taste and consistency from every latte, mocha and cappuccino: You’ll get a reliable taste and flavor every day. The culture at Ella Café is friendly, family oriented and hipster. Once you enter Ella’s homey environment, you sense peace and calm. Each wall tells a story, with inspiring quotes, family photos, and a fireplace corner in the back of the café. My best meetings and creative projects have come to life at this coffee shop.

For many people, coffee is a real sport. Go ahead: Call me a ”coffeepreneur”. I love coffee. I need it every morning. It kick starts me to life on a Monday morning, it’s an excuse for a blind date and it’s a reason to meet your best friend and chit chat late into the evening.

Ella Café is the creation of Jason Gol and his wife Limor. They named the café after their daughter Ella and also drew inspiration from their numerous trips to Italy. As fellow coffeepreneurs, they easily found a home in South Florida’s coffee culture, creating a project that quickly soared to popularity among millennials and families around Plantation. Over the past few months, the business has blossomed, gaining adoration among Miami-Dade’s coffee cognoscenti.

Ella Café is, without question, the best coffee shop experience I’ve had as a Miami local. It is a place where artists and creatives meet to toast for coffee. Stop by Ella today to taste the cafe’s fall flavors and celebrate #NationalCoffeeDay. Don’t expect a cliché pumpkin spice latte: Ella Café is laser-focused on unique coffee creation and recipes, each with homemade flavor and rich foam.  Coffee is far from the cafe’s only talent: Ella’s healthy food menu and delicious croissants are a perfect pair for any coffee mug. Let Ella’s barista show you the wonders and taste of Europe with a single sip. Whether you need an afternoon pick-me-up or just a place to hide from the rain, Ella will definitely make you feel caffeinated and at home.

For more inspiration check their artful coffee creations for yourself here.

Location: 9743 W. Broward Blvd. Plantation, Florida 33324

Photography by Cats Meow Photo

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