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Scarf: c/o Amoura Designs // Dress Shirt: Earthy Chic Boutique // Boots: Custo Barcelona // Watch: Daniel Wellington (Limited Edition) // Purse: Earthy Chic Boutique // Sunglasses: Quay

Photography by Cat

Time to get the fall going with cotton scarves. Fall season is my favorite, not only for the color change in fabric but also because I tend to use more accessories and textures during this season. Scarves are the perfect accessory to style a casual outfit and transform it into a whole different one. This scarf is my favorite for this season because is 100% Egyptian cotton and it reminds me a little bit of the Burberry scarves. Gingham is a trend coming back this fall all together with the denim trend. Style both together for a perfect fall transition. Besides coming all the way from Egypt, this scarf is 100% handmade. So much quality into one product creates the perfect accessory. After a long conversation with Julie the designer of Amoura I have come to appreciate more local designers than mass production. There is so much love and dedication created into one handmade design. Read below to learn more about the history of Amoura and the production of the scarves. 

-When was Amoura Design established and how the name was created?  Amoura Designs is the legal name but the brand name is Amoura.  After a life-changing trip to Egypt — the call to create an accessories brand line was sparked. Upon leaving the mystical land of Egypt, I felt that my story there was not complete and I was captivated by a group of women I met who were scarf-makers.  Inspired by the women and determined to combine her passion for helping others and creating something very unique, Amoura was born.  Amoura came to me in a very serendipitous way and it means in the ancient Egyptian language, beautiful, exotic and sensuous.  A perfect name for the vision I had in mind.

-Tell me a little bit about the creation of the scarves.  The scarves are all 100% Egyptian cotton and are handmade by a group of women scarf-makers.  They are made on looms and sometimes takes up to a day to make one scarf, the ones with the most intricate designs.

-What is Amoura Designs inspired of?  Amoura was inspired by Egypt without a doubt. The incredible history, the energy of the city, and the women artisans I’ve met along the way. Every time I go, I get inspired all over again!

– In three words define Amoura Designs.  Difficult ! But now that I’ve expanded into the home accessories as well, I’ll use my tag line…. Amoura – A World of Beauty for the Senses

Amoura means exotic or sensous girl in Egypt. This scarf made me feel exotic and mysterious walking the streets around Wynwood. We all need that special element that complements an outfit. It can be a special ring, a pair of sunglasses or a scarf. The point is to always add a sense of boldness into your outfit with a statement accessory.6n5a4717

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  1. October 3, 2016 / 7:49 pm

    You look fabulous. Only in Miami can we do a light scarf and shorts for fall. Yay us!

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