Friendsgiving with West Elm Dadeland


They say nothing lasts forever. Dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style. -Carrie

Last month West Elm Dadeland invited a group of bloggers to celebrate Friendsgiving. I love the concept of celebrating dinner with a group of friends and just sharing good vibes. Natalie from Wine with Nat, put together the amazing idea of wine tasting by Zonin 1821 with an inspired Thanksgiving dinner by Cuisine and Events. The food served were a salad with arugula, polenta with white cheddar and ratatouille, fig-glazed roast turkey, butternut squash soup with apple and bacon and banana walnut mini cupcake.The food was paired with a different glass of wine to appreciate the tasting of each ingredient.

This year has been a combination of rocky roads and heavy bumps. Nevertheless, I’ve been grateful to have close friends by my side and my dear love who supports my dreams everyday. Being surrounded in a table by a group of women who are dreamers, doers, and bosses lifted up my spirit during such a turmoil. Nikki Novo also offered the most beautiful prayer by Mother Theresa “Do It Anyway”, where I stopped and realized how important undesirable moments in life can be. It is this time of the year we realize our blessings in spite of our obstacles. It can take, days, months and even years to build a friendship, but those are the friends that will keep you strong and positive along the bumpy road.

The meaning of this dinner was to bring creative minds together and keep growing as a community. Good friends are meant to build you up and support your dreams. We had the most chic Friendsgiving thanks to the creative sisters from Tinseldot. The tablescaping at West Elm looked like out from a magazine with pomegranates and triangle glass decorations. I hope this table inspiration brings you some ideas for this Thanksgiving day. Happy Holidays!

Photography by Nabila Verushka



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