The Coffee at Soho

This morning was more rushed than usual. After being in traffic for 20 minutes on my way to Soho House for the Fashion for Breakfast event, I finally was able to order my breakfast. I do not frequent fancy restaurants for breakfast but this day was a special one. After being told by the hostess that today’s event was re-scheduled I felt frustrated as I had more important things to do. I decided to take in the morning slow and ordered a cappuccino with almond milk. I used my free time and breakfast ritual to check up on Instagram. Am I the only one who feels annoyed to check Instagram in the morning? There it was. The pretty girl with her Chanel bag walking the streets of SOHO New York. I decided to lift up my spirit and posted a picture of my recent afternoon shenanigans in Wynwood.There I was wearing trendy clothes with my red Gucci purse.

The coffee arrived and as usual I poured in my two teaspoons of brown sugar. First, I took a snap to capture the well done heart shaped art in my coffee. I took the first sip. It was sour. I decided to add an extra packet of Stevia. This was the new commercialized healthiest sugar in the market. Anyways, I would die whether I drink Splenda or the latest fancy sugar in the market. I continued sipping my coffee and listening to my neighbor’s conversation. I wondered if they were looking at my well put outfit. I put a lot of thought this morning on what I was wearing. As I edited my picture with the best filter and posted it in America’s best social network, I took another sip. It was time to pay the check and go home because I was not in the mood to pay $16 in a bread spread with cheap avocado and an egg I could have made easily at home.

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