Paradise is Close to Home

Blouse: Vintage // Purse: Gucci // Pants: Please Don’t Tell Shop // Necklace: Earthy Chic Boutique //

For the past few years Miami has not felt like home. I’ve been craving a new city, journey or adventure. This past weekend I went to Chanel Beauty counter to get a makeover and it felt good. I think sometimes we just need a change of perspective or a beauty makeover to feel better. Merrick Park feels like that- a paradise close to home. Chanel has high quality ingredients that won’t damage your face and will make you look red-carpet-ready in an instant.

After our makeover, Laura (twentyteenz) and I decided to do a mini photo shoot around the mall. It was the first time in months I felt like I was in a different city. Sometimes you need to find paradise at home, and in the search you will find it. For Summer I am loving light tones and white pants. Try to leave black inside your closet this season and experiment with colorful hues. It makes everything better and brighter. Have a great Memorial day weekend!

Photography by Luisa Photography

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