Lessons from a Girl Boss

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Last April, Netflix released the anticipated entrepreneurship show “Girl Boss”. The show is about business, love and following your dreams. If you haven’t watched it yet, plan a Netflix-and-Chill this weekend with your girlfriends. The self made millennial starts her journey in San Francisco in 2006. The show starts with young Sophia trying to figure out life, and as a 20-something millennial myself, I identify with the struggle.  This first season is charged with life lessons, inspiration, and quotes that makes it binge-worth watching. So grab the popcorn and the blankets, and learn some lessons from a girls boss.

“Adulthood is where dreams go to die”

Sophia starts the show saying “Society just wants to put everyone in a box”. Life should not be lived paycheck to paycheck, with an unsteady and  dreams hidden in your closet. Adulthood should not be boring. Sophia teaches us that conformity is a state of mind. In a society where people are taught to go to school and find a job to pay only the bills, demonstrates that few are those that follow their dream. We must get out of our bubble ad comfort zone, and work every day toward our dream job.

“Know what your shit’s worth”This is an original 1970s East West calfskin motorcycle jacket” says Sophia while purchasing the vintage jacket. As solopreneurs and entrepreneurs we need to know what is our worth and value. Society wants to dictate your value but you need to put the price. Negotiate the salary, say no to mediocre opportunities, and know your worth. This is one of the best lessons we can learn from the first episode of Girl Boss. As bloggers and writers, we settle for less but we know our creativity is worth the price. So put your foot down and show the world who’s the boss.

“You have to make a choice”

When Sophia’s life comes crashing and finds herself in a whirlwind of emotions, she goes for advice to the old lady in the park bench. Listen to your parents and the elderly because they already had the experience and know best. The lady tells Sophia she needs to make a choice about her relationship. Many times in life, people find themselves in difficult situations where a choice has to be made. Visualize the outcome and make the choice. The worst we can do is to ignore an issue and not act on it.

“#LYICID”We listen this a lot through out the episodes “Love you in case I die”. Friendship is essential in life and to grow a business. Sophia learns this when her friend Annie leaves her stranded and running the business alone. Our success may depend on ourselves, but there will always be people there to help you and give you advice. Recognize those friends and keep them close.

“A watched pot never boils”The more we concentrate in the end goal, the less it will happen. Sometimes we focus so much in the final result and do not enjoy the process. Yes, it is important to put the hard work but we just need to let the events unfold by itself. Big things have small beginnings. Babies come slowly and so does success. Enjoy life and its journey.

“I am a girl. And that shouldn’t be a bad thing. Girls are collaborative, empathetic, hard workers. Girls are great!”We live in a society were people embrace competition over collaboration. The earning gap continues to exist between men and women, and it’s important women continue to collaborate and support each other. I’ve noticed that the blogging world can be catty sometimes and that’s why I always try to keep myself surrounded with collaborative individuals. Instead of putting down your fellow worker, help her and collaborate with her. Women are better when they work together toward the same goal.

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