7 Essential Ways to Hygge During Summer

Summer is the season were the days are longer and nights warmer. For Miamians summer can be all year long. So, how can we hygge during the long summer days? After all, we are not in Denmark. Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is the act of coziness and enjoying the simple things in life. For Danish culture, hygge is associated with pleasure of everyday living – creating a cozy evening, spending time with friends, lightning a candle etc. For our tropical friends, hygge concentrates in a different level of coziness than that of Danish culture. Today I bring you 7 essential ways you can hygge this summer, in the most relaxed way possible.

Read A Good Summer Book by the Beach

I love spending time at the beach with a good book. Enjoy the sunshine with a great collection from Amazon or Barnes n’ Nobles. After all, you’ll become more knowledgeable and well read by the end of Summer. The books currently on my list this summer are: Writing Tools, The Career Code, The Finishing School and Grit to Great.

Drink a Healthy Smoothie by the Pool

This summer detox your body with a healthy smoothie. I recently learned to make this smoothie with avocado and coconut milk. There are plenty of recipes online. Instead of feeding yourself empty calories, enjoy the wonders of nature with fruit smoothies. Your body will appreciate it and you will look ten times better.

Host a Summer Soiree

Summer is the perfect season to spend time with your friends outside and enjoy a good meal. Plan a summer soiree with all the bohemian vibe you’ve been pinning on your Pinterest (guilty face). A summer gathering is perfect to reconnect with your loved ones and hygge the right way.

Drink Cold Wine on a Hammock

Everyone deserves a lazy day and if you have a hammock you are lucky. Laid back with a glass of cold wine or coconut and shake off your worries. This summer is about reconnecting with your mind, body and soul. If last season you felt a pressure on your shoulders, this is the season to unwind and let the long summer days swing by.

Stargaze in your Patio or the Beach

If you live in an area with low pollution, you can enjoy the constellations and shooting stars. This is a great date activity to talk and tell stories. Wish under the stars and maybe your dreams will come true.

Go for a Night Swim

This activity is for the adventurous gal. Enjoy the warm waters of summer with a skinny dip or quick dip at the pool. Pool parties at night are really popular too. Take advantage of these summer days ahead.

Plan a Romantic Picnic

Blanket, picnic basket, and all the goodies. A picnic is the best way to slow down your lifestyle. If you feel like you’ve been juggling a lot lately, plan a romantic picnic with your partner or friends and enjoy the sunset sipping your favorite drink. After all, summer is about slowing down and enjoying the simple things in life.

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