What to Wear for a Sunday Brunch

Dress: Please Don’t Tell Shop // Hat: PDT Shop // Bag: Gucci // Shoes: Raphaella Booz

As I continue to study fashion styling, I’ve come to realize my personal style. I am a romantic. I love feminine silhouettes, dresses and heels. I feel my best when I am walking and my dress is moving. One of my favorite fabrics for summer is poplin. Poplin is a lightweight cotton fabric and is perfect for the warm summer days. As a fashion student and writer I need to find dresses that suit my activities. This dress has a resemblance from the 1930s as puffed sleeves were popular at the time. The 30s were a romantic era were long bias-cut skirts, puffed sleeves and capes were popular. I also wanted to show a little bit of the 1900s. A woman would never leave her house without a hat. I love hats and I think they exemplify the true meaning of elegance and glamour. Lucile, Lady Duff Gordon was a woman who embraced the hat fashion of the 1900s.

Brunching is an activity that us millenials enjoy to do during the weekend. I believe women should bring back their stylish hats and wear them with confidence. It will give you a sense of mystery and boldness. I hope you enjoy your weekend activities and stay tuned for next week’s style + automobile post.

Photography by Shay Captures

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