Summer to Fall Transition

Dress: She In // Hat: Edite Mode // Earrings: Kiki // Shoes: DSW // Purse: Gucci

For many women fall does not start until late January. Every good story inolves a dress and a hat. You know those movies where the girl loses the hat and a handsome stranger gives it back to her. Well this is not one of those stories. But it involves a hat, a flowy dress and a trip to the Caribbean. Santo Domingo is an island with endless summer weeks and full humidity. starts with a woman wearing a dress.

As I stroll down El Conde in my Old City, I stumbled upon coral reefs turned into historic-looking castles. I spent the afternoon walking around colored-pastel boutiques and narrow streets. Once the evening arrived, I spent my time in front of the Cathedreal’s park and a lady approached giving me a compliment. “You dress so elegant. Not many women dress like you anymore”. I really appreciated the comment as the lady knew about great taste and style.

Switching from summer to fall can be a hard task for many as time transitions. Read below to get different techniques on how to transform your wardrobe.

How to transform your summer wardrobe into fall

This summery dress will be on repeat this fall. You can style it with a leather or white jacket, a long sleeve underneath or a t-shirt. Wear a beret and boots to make the look more classy fall.

Photography by Simon Espinal


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