Emily Weiss is Glossing up the Market

New York City’s most trendy beauty store

Emily Weiss is the founder and CEO of Glossier; a global brand for consumers with a passion for beauty routines and those who want to feel comfortable in their own skin. While working at Vogue as a fashion assistant, Emily had an evolution with beauty; “I had a transition from thinking of beauty as this solitary, isolated endeavor or exploration, to something that I got very excited about as being something that was actually a lightning rod for people to connect over,” she says.

Her blog “Into the Gloss”, which receives millions of visitors every month and discusses topics on women’s opinions, beauty routines, and women’s individual beauty, was the starting point of a successful business. The blog has featured celebrities such as Karlie Kloss, showing the celebrity’s “Top Shelf” beauty products. What initially started as a beauty blog, has turned into a million-dollar business thanks to their direct-to-consumer approach.

Glossier was founded with a mission in mind; to offer products to women that will feel satisfied to wear on a daily basis. Glossier is one of New York City’s most visited content beauty stores where customers can shop for affordable products ranging from $12 to $60. Many customers have mixed reviews about Glossier. Blogger, Ingrid Nilsen has tried all Glossier’s products which she reviewed in her YouTube channel. “I initially tried this to remove my makeup and I have to say it didn’t work”, she explains about the milky jelly cleanser. “I definitely love it as a face cleanser” she clarifies.

Some of the first Glossier in the U.K 🖖 Greetings, @dessafontebassi

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Glossier’s signature shade in pink is so popular that followers share it through social media using the hashtag #glossierpink. Last year, Glossier had a 10,000 person waitlist for two of their products due to their high demand. The brand has become a cult status, which represents you as a cool and chic woman for wearing it.

This month, Glossier opened their new brick-and-mortar concept store dedicated to their new fragrance dubbed Glossier You. “I was really inspired by theater, performance art and magic shows when concepting the space. Everything about the experience is unique, from the way the customers physically interact with the fragrance…” Emily says.

We’re open—come by ❣️

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With a growing online presence of 814,000 followers and 200 visitors a day in their store, Glossier will launch products in two more categories. Glossier is building a new generation of beauty mavens that focus on skin first and makeup later.


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  1. November 13, 2017 / 1:08 am

    Ohhh I love the fact that some brands are creating beautiful and attractive brick and mortar concepts!! Just like Tiffany’s and their new stablishment in NY 💕✨I loved the article 👌🏼

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