Shopping in Miami

Boots: DSW // Tights: Amazon // Bag: Gucci // Earrings: Please Don’t Tell // Skirt & Top: Oak Miami // Sunglasses: Illesteva

It takes a lot of creativity to dress during fall in Miami. My wardrobe includes dresses, maxi skirts and some jeans. I am probably one of the few Miamians who wears long sleeves all year long, but I get chills in the office easily. Despite the warm weather, it is easy to pull off a fall inspired look in Miami. All you need is a minimalist capsule wardrobe, neutral colors and fall inspired accessories.

This look is inspired by New York/London style. Plaid is trending this fall season on everything from coats to suits. I purchased this skirt at a hidden boutique in Coral Gables and it was a little disappointing to see the same exact skirt in Wynwood for $50 dollars less. If I had known the secret stores of 5th avenue, I would have made my trip there instead. I went silver streak with this outfit as metallic sparkles are also trending this season.

Shopping in Miami

Shopping in Miami can be challenging but every year I get more astute and selective with retailers. I like high quality at a reasonable price. Not only did I felt overpriced for the check mate skirt but I had to pay $15 extra to alter it. Styling is a difficult task. If an outfit has the same hues you want to always add a pop of color, and when in doubt always go for red.

Next time you go purchasing around Miami, check online, read the tags and do your research. I have always been a boutique shopper slowly transitioning fully online to occasional thrift shopper. Good luck on your shopping endeavors and stay tuned for another styling session with me.


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