Thankful for…

This Thanksgiving morning I woke with some regret and sadness in my mind. Will I need to rehearse in my head what I am thankful for at the dining table? or should I just invent some lame Thanksgiving speech? This has been one of my darkest years ever with challenge after challenge.

If there is something I am most thankful for are the continuous challenges of 2017. I would not have been where I am heading if it was not for the trials of this year. Should I be thankful for my father’s death? Should I be thankful for my breakup? Should I be thankful for my motility disorder? Yes, yes, and yes!

After the crops are gone and the leaves fall, the soil remains. This has been a year of building good soil into my life. This entire year has been a falling process for the best to come.
Thanksgiving Table

I’ve cried and been angry at my current circumstances of the season but as I look back to this year, I am thankful that all bad things happened to open my eyes. I am thankful that certain people no longer belong in my circle of friends. Thankful that I am not in a soul-sucking relationship. Thankful, for the first time, to have a job where I am happy to go every morning. Blessed with a fashion career in full development.

Thankful that I developed this disorder to realize how I was treating my body… and hey… I lost 35 lbs in the process. So despite the bad moments, I am most thankful for the resilience I have developed this year. Every challenge in life builds you to be a better person. Every struggle, every breakup, and every bad friendship has a purpose. At the end what remains is good and will be fruitful.

This Thanksgiving season I am thankful for togetherness. I am grateful to have those people in my life who support me in my dreams and goals. I hope this message encourages you to be thankful for every season of your life. I hope the holidays bring you peace, togetherness, and love.



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