Meet the Brand: Forever Summer

This holiday season, wear something flowy, classy and a little bit sexy. Miami is full of talented designers and there is a brand that will keep you dreaming in a summer state of mind. Forever Summer is a brand owned by Janecia Wiggins and is feminine with a dash of bohemian. I was so happy when she designed this dress for me because the first time I saw it she was wearing it. I love soft fabrics and this dress is the perfect balance of elegance and casual. It is a dress you can definitely dress up or down.

When I style an outfit I always like to add a dose of glamour and taste. I had to add dainty gold jewelry and high heels. This dress hugs the waist perfectly and is very comfortable. I felt like a queen when I wore it the first time. It has an unfussy design yet sophisticated. This is called the Santorini dress and is expected to release in February, just in time for Valentine’s day.  Read below and get to know more about the designer.

What inspired you to design this dress?

It’s kind of weird but I was lying in bed daydreaming (like always), and I imagined myself wearing this flowy dress that looked like a crop top and matching skirt. Then I said to myself “Hmmm, that’s a really cute dress.” So I sketched it and I fell in love. It’s one of my favorite designs so far.

Define your brand in three words:

Miami meets wanderlust.

What’s your favorite part of summer?

The clothes! I love maxi dresses, or anything that’s loose and airy. I feel like you can really show of your style during summer. That’s why I love Miami because it’s summertime pretty much all the time. So, it has really influenced my style. Miami is more than just bikinis. We are fashionable too. I’m really hoping that my brand will reflect that in years to come.


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