The Milanezza Dolphin Mall

Sunday means brunch and it comes with a group of friends, a new outfit, and gossip. The Milanezza opened recently at Dolphin Mall and it is the perfect spot to gather your boss babe club and grab some brunch. My first visit to The Milanezza was enjoyable. Their menu includes empanadas, salads, pasta, and milanezza which is a mix of Argentinian and Italian cuisine. If you have never tried a milanezza, it is basically breaded meat or fish and then deep fried or oven baked. Their milanezzas are so delicious and you could add any type of cheese you want. The decor is very modern with rustic furniture.

The Milanezza is a cool vintage restaurant to enjoy a family meal or for big group parties. My favorite food from the menu was their mashed potatoes and croquetas. I am not a picky princess when it comes to eating, so it was easy to enjoy their different options. This is a casual place where you can share homemade and healthy food with a family atmosphere. In the end, is all about who you are surrounded with, the food is optional. Bon appetit.

Photography by Two Outsiders


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