Tips for a Boudoir Photoshoot

This February I have partnered with Oh La La Cherie for their Valentine’s Day Campaign and I am in love with all their styles and sexy lingerie. Whether you want to impress your partner or just have provocative images for your dating site, a lingerie set is something every woman should own. I love red and as one of my favorite colors, it fitted the theme for my first Valentine’s boudoir photo shoot.

A boudoir photo shoot is totally different from a street style shoot. It requires preparation, a private setting and the right props. If you are planning to do a boudoir photo shoot as a surprise gift for your partner here are some tips to follow before the shoot day.

Preparing for your boudoir photoshoot

1. Have a small meal

Have a light lunch or breakfast before the photoshoot. I recommend smoothies as they fill you up and give you enough energy.

2. Prepare your skin

Since you will be half naked during the session, it is important to have a smooth skin and have prepared days in advance. It is up to you if you want to body wax or shave, but having a hairless skin will be beneficial for you. It will be harder to edit pictures and unwanted features during the final edit.

3. Schedule a makeup artist

The day of the photoshoot have your make up artist ready. You want to look your best as these pictures will be something to remember when you get older.

4. Book a room in a hotel

If you don’t have a room with pretty decorations the best way is to book a room in a hotel. Check that the room has enough lighting and great furniture. White sheets and clean backgrounds are important since you will be the main focus on the photos.

5. Bring the booze

For first-timers, have some champagne during your photo shoot session. It will help you loosen up and relax during the shoot. It can be uncomfortable to show your pancakes to your photographer, but a glass of rose will help to calm the nerves.

6. Put on some music

Every photo shoot should be accompanied by good rhythm and vibes. The music will help you concentrate and work on the poses with ease. The boudoir photo shoot requires to arch your back and keep your shoulders back to accentuate the figure. Keep in mind it will be a mini workout.

7. Bring props

Are you going for a “50 Shades of Grey” theme or just a classic boudoir? Bring props that will help you accentuate the environment. Red roses are sensual and will make your pictures stand out more.

Overall, remember to relax and bring an extra lingerie in case the other one doesn’t work well with the setting. A backup outfit will always come in handy when plan B is needed. Oh La La Cherie is a lingerie and lifestyle brand that offers sophisticated French inspired lingerie with a modern flair. They have many options for curvy women and any body type. You can get a discount using my code fashionbuffet. If you are having a solo Valentine this year, treat yourself to sexy lingerie and host a lingerie party.

Photography by Forever Pixels 



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